Discovering the dancer within your child

Let your little ones discover the joy of ballet as they tiptoe on their twinkle toes. Start turning your little girls into graceful ballerinas in tutus, right from the age of five. Your hearts will swell with pride as you watch them pirouette and plié with finesse and charm.

Develop body-mind coordination

Build self-confidence

Cultivate memorization & musicality

Qualified & caring faculty

Let the world be the stage and let your child dance to her heart’s content. Your children can find the fitting venue for their passions through our classes in Pre-Ballet and Classic Ballet. Our programmes are formulated to develop the inherent talents in children, boosting grace, fitness, and self-confidence with each class.

Do you know a plié from a pirouette? Or the proper way to twirl, leap, or bend? Your child will certainly enjoy doing these graceful moves and develop poise, fitness, and self-confidence as she progresses from class to class. We have classes in four age groups: 5-7-year-olds, 8-10, 11-13 & 14+ years, with one session lasting for 45 minutes.

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet increases body awareness, posture, strength, and balance. It also teaches the dancer focus, discipline, and determination. Advanced students may go on to dance on pointe – a style of dance performed in pointe shoes on the tips of the toes.


Our Pre-Ballet classes are rooted in the foundation of ballet and it encourages age-appropriate creativity, musicality, and physicality. Your child will dance and have fun as they are taught through creative movement, basic ballet steps and much more.

Bring out the dancer that lies hidden within your child

Getting your child started on the journey of discovering the dancer within begins with sending us a simple message. Click on the link below to get started.

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