Developing young creativity and letting their spirits roam free

Artists see the world in a totally different light, not to mention colours and hues. For them, the world is a more vibrant place waiting to be seen through their unique expressions. At Mirath, we understand the urge of the artist to express themselves in any and many ways possible.

Artistic skills and craftsmanship

Knowledge of artistic styles

Imaginative projects

Encourage self-expression

We offer a variety of drawing, painting, and craft classes, from basic techniques for beginners to the more advanced brush strokes. A series of guided exercises in an array of media allow our students to express their thoughts and colour their imaginations in unique ways.

The Mirath Art Studio is a place of endless possibilities where your child will be filled with awe and wonder in every class he/she takes.

Creative Minds

These classes are for children from four to seven years, where we introduce them to the tactile world of colour. In a teacher-guided open studio format, your child will touch, feel and explore all kinds of art materials to bring out their latent creativity. The fees include the cost of art materials and every class lasts for an hour.

Expressive Arts

These classes are for children aged between 8 to 12 years. Here, children are initiated on to more advanced techniques with a combination of art media from pastels, paints, pencils, and craftwork. The fees include the cost of art materials and every class lasts for 2 hours. The Expressive Arts workshop aspires to nurture a generation of kids who truly colour from their hearts.

Art for Teens

Designed for children who are 12 years and above, students are given free rein to explore and experiment with various media and art forms. The classes instil them with the knowledge of design elements, to see their art taking shape and see to its completion; from conception to the finished piece of art. Every session lasts for a duration of 2 hours.

Get your child started on their artistic journey

Getting your child started on the journey of discovering the artist within begins with sending us a simple message. Click on the link below to get started.

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