At Mirath Art Center, we seek to bring out the artist in everyone. We have a carefree and uncritical environment to nurture your passion, encouraging both children and adults to explore and develop their skills.

At Mirath Art Center, what drives us is the passion for the craft. This is what inspires us all to learn and excel. Our vision here is to celebrate this love for our passion. We want everyone who steps into MAC, to be the best at what they do. And through our efforts, enrich the existing art scene in Dubai.

Committed to Our Cause

At Mirath Art Center, we are passionate about the arts. Every person on our faculty is intensely involved with what they do. They will dance with abandon, paint without boundaries, and give the performance of their life every single time. This is because they love what they do. This is because they put their heart and soul into the things that they love.

Each faculty member is certified in the art form of their choice and aims to bring out the best in every student.

At Mirath Art Center, we celebrate the artist in you.

We continuously strive towards our goal of giving the best for our students.

Fully Committed to Excellence for Exceptional Experiences

  • We aim to provide the best-in-class visual and performing arts education.
  • Although we recommend practice sessions at home, the centre will be open for practice sessions for students interested in fine-tuning their artistic explorations, at a nominal fee.
  • We will always adhere to the schedule. Classes will start and finish on time. If delays arise due to unavoidable circumstances, parents will be informed well in advance.
  • Studio availability is completely dependent on demand.

Fees Policy

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